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LA Sharktooth

LA Sharktooth

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We recently came across a few leftover deadstock hats from our 2015 Hall of Fame collection.

After 4 years working with different manufacturers trying to create a hat that fit like vintage snapbacks, we are very proud to announce our first Sharktooth hat! Getting the right materials, shape, and stitch quality to compare to the original hats by Logo Athletic was a must. In our travels, we came across a sharktooth hat made by G Cap, it was poly/cotton blend as opposed to wool. This was a game changer. We decided to take the material make-up from the G Cap hat and use the hat specifications from Logo Athletic, creating an ultra-comfortable and authentic fit.  You already know it has that classic green underbrim.

 Inspired by the professional LA sports teams of the late 80's, this colorway represents the our time spent in Los Angeles.

We offer two colorways: One from our hometown, Boston, Massachusetts and one from our second home, Los Angeles. 


Limited to 5

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